About us

ARS Applied Research Solutions provides high-quality professional advice and tailored support to innovative businesses, research centres and academic institutions to obtain national and EU funding for promising R&D projects. We help researchers and innovators to achieve success by transforming complex funding environments into a sustainable business growth strategy.

Just share your idea and we will work together to make it happen!

In particular, we offer comprehensive support to prospective applicants in submitting highly-competitive proposals mainly to the SME Instrument, European Research Council, Marie Curie, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges pillars of Horizon 2020.



Our company benefits from a highly experienced team of in-house experts in:

  • Bid-writing

  • Project Management

  • In-house training courses

  • Merges & Acquisitions

  • External EU funding office

ARS works together with world-leading SMEs, multi-nationals and cutting-edge research centres to successfully fast-track innovative ideas to market and increase revenue. We have developed tailored and affordable service packages to suit our clients’ needs no matter what their sector, experience, expertise and location is.


  • That is what professionalism is all about.

    Anthony Fenwick-Wilson, Founder and Executive Chairman @ C-Fec (www.c-fec.com)
  • This is 99.99% perfect!  I am happy to go with this version as unloaded and thank you for your significant contributions.  It is a pleasure working with such a professional.

    Debbie Garside, CEO @ GeoLang (www.geolang.com)
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